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You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers


This is a very common question which has a lot of variables to address before answering with a hard timeline.  There are a ton of steps involved in building/renovating a pool and the process can differ greatly depending on which type of pool or renovation you have. 
In general, for residential pools the process can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, although we prefer to temper expectations and would prefer you plan on 10 weeks from excavation to your first swim.


Every pool we build is custom, so aside from the design process that we work with you directly on every aspect and aesthetic, (this typically takes anywhere from 2 days to one week) there are also permits, architectural drawings, as well as excavation, grading and access for your job site.  If any special accommodations need to be made, it can add to the timeline as well as cost, so be prepared if you have a established trees, concrete slabs/decking or limited/narrow access to your backyard.


After all the design, architecture and permitting have been completed and approved, for Arizona pools, the following steps are typically the most common (with appropriate times):

  • Design & Permitting (1-6 weeks) - This is the most difficult to estimate time for in the entire process as there are multiple stages of design, architectural rendering and permitting involved.  Depending on  the city which you live, the municipalities can be a simple process or require quite a bit of "red tape".  

  • Excavation (1 week) - Now that permitting and design are finished, we can schedule your excavation.  Remember ease of access, weather, and the need to work around utility lines/gas lines can extend the time to completion.  Usually excavation is finished within one or two days.  

  • Install Framing, Electrical & Plumbing (1-2 weeks) - Once the pool hole has been excavated, a rigid framework of rebar will be interwoven to create the backbone of your pool.  Like a giant cage, all of these steel intersections are here to reinforce and strengthen your pool.  Once these are installed, the plumbing is installed.  Depending on the complexity of your pool needs (in-floor cleaning systems, dedicated vacuum line, etc.) we will test the PSI of your water pressure for the following weeks prior to surface install to ensure there are no leaks before the shotcrete goes in.  

  • Install shotcrete shell (1-3 weeks) - Our crew spray a mix of sand, cement & water through a pressurized hose to coat the rebar walls of your pool.  Once the material is sprayed, we use trowels to hand-finish the final shape and features of your new pool.  It si then watered continusouly until the curing process has completed.  

  • Install pool masonry/tile & coping (1-4 weeks)  - Now the pool starts to take shape, and color!  The waterline tile you selected will be installed across the top interior of the pool.  The coping is the stone/paver materials that caps the pool shelf wall around the entire edge.  

  • Filtration Equipment & Pumps (2-3 days) - Although not as aesthetically pleasing as the tile and coping, this is a crucial element to the longevity and durability of your pool.  The plumbing in your pool is designed to circulate and filtrate your water for clarity of water and efficiency of system.  Think of the pump as the heart of your pool.  It pulls water in from the pool through the skimmer and pushes it through the filter only to return it to the pool through the main returns.  A clean, pretty pool starts here.  

  • Pool Decking, Fencing & lighting (1-2 weeks) - Once the pool decking starts to be installed, your backyard really starts to take shape.  Whether you're using travertine, pavers or acrylic decking, your pool is now becoming a livable area.  Add some landscaping, fencing for safety and lighting for both safety, security and ambiance, welcome to your new oasis.  

  • Surface Interior (1 day) - Not too long now, the next step is to install the interior surface of your pool.  That can be plaster, enhanced plaster or pebble tec.  We bring a large mixing truck to your site with the color and texture you selected and spray it on and finish it with a hand trowel.  It is then washed with a light acid and the water goes in that day so the material won't dry out.

  • Balance Chemicals (1 day) - We then treat your water to ensure that you have the proper balance of chemicals so you don't have to deal with liner, heater or plumbing damage.  

  • Final Inspection (1 day) - Your pool is complete, the city will come out and inspect your pool to make sure everything is up to code and then you will be issued an approval and then you're all set!

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